Lash Group 60 Years

Throughout our history we have been progressive, looking at ways we can bring new thinking and new solutions to our properties. This includes continually pursuing the latest new energy efficiency technologies and solutions, such as green roofs, interactive lighting systems and environmentally sustainable innovations that are cost effective and efficient at doing more for our future. We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge in our industry including energy conservation and employing programs to better protect the environment.

Our programs have included the following:

2019 This year, our green initiatives included the purchase of an electric-powered Nissan Leaf green vehicle. Lash Group will be using the Leaf for deliveries and customer service calls across our properties. We're installing 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at our head office, available for employees and visiting clients to use. Lash Group is also beginning to install EV charging stations for residents' use at our rental buildings across the GTA. Finally, we'll be installing energy-saving LED lighting in each apartment across all our rental properties this year!

2017 Participation in the Enbridge Gas Distribution program has resulted in the reduction of 51,103 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. We accomplished this feat by installing an automation system in two of our properties (see certificates here) which has had the equivalent positive impact on the environment as if we had planted over 1.2 million trees! We're proud to do our part to help make the world a little greener.

2017 Completion of an energy efficient LED lighting initiative. Retrofitting the corporate head office is an upgrade to the company’s entire lighting system that will substantially reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and improve working environments.

2009 Pilot project using wind power to create electricity at our head office location. This prototype wind turbine will be the catalyst for the expansion of larger roof top wind turbines at the remainder of the apartment building portfolio.

2008 Smart meters installed in apartments to reduce hydro consumption in each unit.

2004 Removal of incandescent light bulbs and fixtures to be replaced with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs and fixtures. Increased promotion to residents to recycle more products and produce less overall waste.

2003 Building wide energy efficiency programs instituted earning recognition as an Industrial Energy Innovator. As stated by Judy Sgro Member of Parliament York West “l am delighted to recognize and congratulate your commitment to voluntary reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Your responsible contribution to support Canada’s implementation of the Kyoto Accord can only benefit the environment of Canadians. I am proud to have an environmentally conscious company like R.A.B. Properties in my Riding. Voluntary efforts in energy efficiency are critical in protecting our environment and contributing to the well being of Canadians”.


“We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of programs to better protect the environment.”