For the past six decades, the Lash Group of Companies has been a leader in the development, construction, sales and management of condominium residences, rental and retirement communities, retail, commercial and industrial space. We understand the qualities required to build projects of lasting value: integrity, inspiration, and craftsmanship, backed by a commitment to new thinking in everything we do.

Our leadership team is second to none with the experience and vision to surpass your expectations.

As a family run company, we continue building the firm’s future on the same philosophy as our founder: “Always provide the best and the rest will take care of itself.”

Starting from right to left of the adjacent photo:
Lawrence Blankenstein President
R. Abe Blankenstein Chairman
Sharon Blankenstein Waisglass Vice President, Finance
Howard Rudolph Chief Operating Officer
Steve Soumakis Chief Financial Officer
Serge Mazzuca Vice President Construction
Sam J. Frisz Vice President Real Estate Mgmt Services